Superheroes are go!

Year 1 are studying ‘Superheroes’ this half term and on Monday 8th January, to kick start the topic, they donned their capes, masks or stethoscopes and set off on a superhero hunt. They worked together in teams to hunt superheroes hidden in the school grounds and then returned to the classroom to discuss their character’s superpowers, how they helped people and whether they were real-life heroes or fictitious.

Year 1 will be enhancing their understanding of their own superpowers and how we can all help ‘save the world’ from climate change, through their musical performance of ‘Eddie the Penguin saves the World!’ in the upcoming Key Stage 1 showcase. They will also investigate their super senses further, find out about historical superheroes such as Rosa Parks and Florence Nightingale and will learn how to write and draw comic strips.