Summer Exhibitions

Usually at this time of year the doors of Headington School’s Art Department are thrown open to showcase the fantastic work created by girls.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this has not been possible – so the Art Department have come up with a creative way of allowing everyone to see the wonderful artwork they have produced.

During lockdown, staff have been collecting artwork from girls to compile and showcase in a series of virtual online exhibitions.

For the latest instalment, they are sharing Summer Exhibitions from the Art School with two galleries of U6 and U5 work.

Mrs Tova Dalgleish, Acting Director of Art at Headington School said: “We are immensely proud of the work the students have produced over the last two years and would have loved for you to have seen the whole breadth of their projects in the flesh.

“These galleries will at least give you a flavour of the wonderful work our students produce. We wish all of our U6 leavers the very best for their future studies in art school or otherwise and we look forward to seeing them back to visit us in the not too distant future.”

You can see the U6 summer exhibition here.

You can see the U5 summer exhibition here.

See our past exhibitions through these links:

The U3 exhibition, which can be found here, mostly comprises portraits and self-portraits in a variety of forms.

The U4 exhibition, here, has been an exploration into natural forms.

The Teacher’s exhibition is found here.