Student Robotics Virtual Competition

Girls have been testing off their programming skills in a virtual contest pitting students across the UK against each other.

Headington competed in the 2023 virtual competition league of Student Robotics on the 25th February against 32 teams from the UK and Germany.

Students from the Lower 5 to Upper 6 worked together to program the Headington robot to successfully capture tokens from other robots in a virtual arena using vision and sensors.

The girls have been coding this for the last three months every Friday after school. They also put a huge effort in the week before the virtual competition and worked on their competition entry every lunchtime and after school.

The robotics team were delighted to have finished in fourth place, one point away from being joint second.

Mr Matt Howe, Head of Computer Science at Headington School said: “We’re very proud of the girls’ efforts and this gives us a very strong position to compete in the physical competition on Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd April at Southampton University. I very much look forward to it!”