Student Robotics Challenge

Headington School’s robotics team showcased their talent and dedication at one of the largest school robotics competitions in the Europe.

Based at Southampton University, Student Robotics challenges teams of 16 to 19 year-olds from across the UK and Germany who have six months to design, build and program fully autonomous robots to compete in this annual competition,

After weeks of rigorous preparation, spanning two terms of after-school meet-ups, Headington’s outstanding student robotics team, comprising pupils from L5 to U6, took on this challenge on the last weekend of the Easter holidays.

The competition followed months of preparation and saw teams pushing their robots to their limits, making time-critical repairs and gaining invaluable problem-solving skills.

The team demonstrated their prowess at the two-day finale, which comprised of 12 rounds of intense competition.

Initially ranked 15th out of 25 teams with 21 league points following simulated virtual rounds before the weekend, Headington finished the first day of the physical competition at Southampton University in 16th place with 42 points. Undeterred by the challenge, they exhibited remarkable resilience and determination, implementing strategic adjustments to the robot, its code, and overall strategy, propelling them to an impressive 7th place in the league table with a commendable 91 league points.

This exceptional achievement secured seeding into the quarter-finals, where Headington triumphed over another Oxfordshire school. Advancing through the semi-finals, the Headington team ultimately reached the finals, culminating in a remarkable 4th place finish by the conclusion of Sunday’s events.