Stalin in History Lecture

Members of Headington’s History Society welcomed an expert on Russian History to address an audience about Stalin’s role and impact.

On Tuesday 23rd November, Professor Polly Jones, Professor of Russian at Oxford University, gave a lecture entitled ‘Remembering and Rethinking Stalinism in the Soviet Union and 21st-century Russia’ to the History Society.

Professor Jones shared her insights into the way Stalin and Stalinism have been remembered in the Soviet Union and indeed today. She explained the complex reactions to Stalin’s actions, both in terms of the use of repression and terror, but also regarding his reputation as the leader who helped the Soviet Union to be victorious in the Second World War.

The lecture was thought provoking for all and was attended not only by Sixth Form students, who are currently studying Russian history, but also by girls from a range of other year groups.

Perceptive questions were posed at the end of the lecture, which showed a genuine engagement with the content of the lecture and the themes and issues raised.

The girls were privileged to be able to quiz such an expert in Russian history, who is much in demand for her wisdom in media interviews. Thanks go to student History Society leaders, Bethan and Esther for their part in organising the event.