Staff v Student netball report

The sun came out for the big Staff v Student Netball match everyone had been preparing for all term.

With a big crowd cheering on both sides, the teams were ready to go. The staff team had a huge squad with lots of fresh legs but unfortunately this did not play into their hand as it took a while for them to get into the swing of things.

By half time, the staff were losing 17-5 but with a fantastic performance from our player of the match, Mr Arthur Muir and incredible back up from Mr Phil Macken and Mrs Alice Barrett, the staff managed to hold on.

Unfortunately, due to the impeccable performance from the Sixth Form team (and some amazing shooting from player of the match, Paige) the staff could not quite keep up and the final score was 37-17 to the students.

Mrs Natasha Vickers, Head of Netball at Headington School said: “Well done to everyone who played and of course to the victors. There is certainly scope for two squads to play next year though, we will get them next time Staff!”