Staff Shine at Concert

Each year, members of Headington School staff choose to become pupils as they embark on a mission to complete a Grade 1 music exam in a term – with a pupil as their teacher.

To finish off the Autumn Term in style, the musicians took to the stage and performed a chosen piece of music in from of their peers. The concert went fantastically well and the performers exceeded expectations.

Mr James Penman, Acting Director of Music said: “The role reversal is welcome to both parties as everyone involved learns valuable lessons. I’m pleased to say that our teachers did not disappoint and to those who still have to sit their exams, good luck!”

School librarian Mrs Sandra Withey said: “I have absolutely loved the challenge of working towards Grade 1 piano and my student teacher has been so patient and supportive throughout, helping me get to grips with the trickier bits!

“I am amazed that I can actually play three pieces in a short space of time and I hope to continue learning the piano after taking my exam.”

History teacher Mrs Monica Buckley said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to reverse the student teacher roles and to learn the basics of singing from Charlotte, who has been a patient and firm guide.

“I’ve enjoyed the challenge of memorising music and sharing the nerves of the staff concert. Thanks so much to the Music Department for enabling it all to happen.”