Sports Day

Sports Day is always a true highlight in Headington’s sporting calendar and academic year.

It’s an opportunity for all pupils and staff to come together in house spirit to collectively earn points in our houses and display some excellent athleticism!

There were some terrific performances on Sports Day and in particular some individuals really stood out with some exceptional performances. Our Victrix Ludorum winners in each year were the following students:

U3: Dana – Isis (30 points)

L4: Chrissy – Cranmer (19 points)

Lara – Blenheim (19 points)

Gracie – Evenlode (19 points)

U4: Aneliese – Evenlode (25 points)

L5: Harriet – Evenlode – (29 Points)

L6: Kristy – Ford (30 points)

The house competition was in tight contention but the winners were as follows:

Junior school cup – U3 and L4

1st – Blenheim

2nd – Oxen

3rd- Cranmer

Middle school cup – U4 and L5

1st – Evenlode

2nd – Cherwell

3rd – Isis

Senior school cup – L6

1st – Ford

2nd – Cherwell

3rd – Blenheim

Overall House cup

1st – Ford

2nd – Blenheim

3rd – Evenlode

Well done to everyone who competed for their house on Sports Day – the totals were very close so every point really does count. Who will win next year?