Sports Day 2024

Sports day is always a highlight of the summer term and this year did not disappoint!

With an abundance of entries for track and field there were some stellar performances on the day.

Notable performances included Chloe (U4) on the track where she ran a near-record 100m time.

Emma (L5) won all three of the events she entered! Sienna (U3) ran an amazing 800m and Abby (U3) smashed the 75m hurdles!

A special mention goes to the L6 where every girl taking part in every event did so with impressive competitive house spirit.

This year’s Victrix Ludorum winners:

U3 – Sienna and Abby

L4 – Isabella

U4 – Isla

L5 – Emma

L6 – Natascha

Congratulations to the winners of each age group:

U3: Windrush

L4: Blenheim

U4: Blenheim

L5: Blenheim

L6: Isis

Overall standings:

1st – Blenheim

2nd – Isis

3rd – Windrush

Another special mention must go to Headington’s amazing Sports Department who organised, timed and measured throughout the day.

Well done to all who competed, including our staff who took part in the fan-favourite staff relay race, and congratulations to all of the winners!

Sports Day 2024