Sports Awards 2020

Every year, Headington School hosts its annual sports awards at the start of the Summer Term. Sadly due to Covid-19, it was not possible for everyone to come together in person to celebrate.

In lieu of this, the PE Department decided to present these awards remotely with the help of some of the School’s sporting stars!

Staff got dressed up to deliver awards for everything from most improved, all-rounder to sportsperson of the year. The evening marked the highlights from the sporting calendar both with individual and team performances.

Director of Sport Ms Sarah Huggins said: “The decisions of these awards were exceptionally difficult and were discussed at length. Congratulations to everyone nominated for an award as there is some very tough competition in each year group!”

A list of the winners for each award is listed below:

U3 Awards

Most improved: Evie H

Commitment to Sport: Philippa L

All-rounder: Sophie L

L4 Awards

Most improved: Megan P

Commitment to Sport: Martha S

All-rounder: Daisy K

U4 Awards

Most improved: Romilly M

Commitment to Sport: Ulyana R

All-rounder: Trin SJC

L5 Awards

Most improved: Maddy K

Commitment to Sport: Freya LJ

All-rounder: Zara B

U5 Awards

Most improved: Catherine J

Commitment to Sport: Safiyah S

All-rounder: Clemmie B

Outstanding Achievement award

Junior: Evey P

Inter: Darcy HJ

Senior: Claudia R

International Representation

This is for pupils recognised for their performance at an international level of competition in their respective sports.

Claudia R: Rowing

Trudie M: Rowing

Ayako F: Martial Arts- Karate

Darcy HJ: Fencing

Megan L: Equestrian

Evey P: Biathlon

Junior Sportsperson of the year

Alice S

Senior Sports Person of the year

Clemmie B

Junior team of the year

U13A 7 a-side Football team

Senior team of the year

U16A Hockey team