Sport Science in Action Day

Both the L6 and U6 A Level PE cohort spent the day at the University of Bath engaging in the Sport Science in Action Day.

The group started the day with field-based testing, including use of force plate technology. This supported theoretical content from the U6 biomechanics module and the pupils had a fantastic time competing against each other in speed, agility and jump height tests.

Following this, the group had a tour of the extensive facilities in the Sports Training Village, an inspiring place for student athletes to train. Additionally, visiting the university on a Wednesday meant they were fortunate to observe several BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) matches!

They then had a motivating talk from a GB rower, detailing life as a student athlete and sharing valuable nuggets across the realms of sport psychology, a topic covered in L6.

The final session was spent in a laboratory with highly specialised equipment. The pupils nominated Evey (L6) to complete a VO2 max test. Hooked up to a mask measuring her oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide exhalation, Evey ran to exhaustion giving the pupils the opportunity to see an embodied version of content covered in our L6 exercise physiology module.

Similarly, Emma (U6) completed a Wingate cycle test, giving everyone further practical insight into theoretical content on force and power.

Miss Rebecca Brown, PE teacher, said: “We all left feeling inspired with horizons broadened on the possibilities of courses, careers, and life at university.”

Sport Science in Action Day