Social with Magdalen College School

On Friday 12th May thirty U3 girls walked down to Magdalen College School for an evening of social interaction and food.

The evening started with lots of fun in the outside grounds as Amber and Sunniva, our Headington prefects, facilitated some ice breaker activities. Groups were formed according to birth month, height, and shoe size, followed by more laughter playing the games ‘Teeth, Teeth’ and ‘SPLAT’.

Once inside, new groups were formed making up ten tables of six, with three pupils from each school making up a team. The quiz was challenging and by the time the teams broke for pizza and refreshments there were three or four tables vying for the win.

The final round of ‘guess the picture’ provided a clear win to team two which consisted of Emily, Sofia and Hayley plus the three boys from Magdalen.