Slapton Sands

As well as being an extremely picturesque and popular beach, Slapton Sands​ recently ​played an important part in​ the development of fieldwork skills for Headington’s U5 Geography pupils.

The first day was filled with a human investigation looking at the quality of life in rural areas.

On the second day, the U5, having prepared packed lunches and wrapped up warm, embarked on a 13km hike along the coast, measuring beach profiles and collecting data. The girls learnt valuable skills such as how to use a clinometer to measure beach angles.

U5 pupil and keen swimmer Leni said: “The highlight of my day was clambering to the Toycross peak. It was amazing to see how far we had walked and I loved creating my own field sketch of the coastline. A jolly good day.”

After another evening classroom session, the trip added a social aspect with a talent show on the final night. The competition was close but the winner was Maddy who impressed the crowd with an urban dance routine.

On the final morning, the group spent time consolidating their investigation material and ensured they fully understood their conclusions before evaluating methods used to gather data.

After a tough few days of fieldwork, the geographers stopped for a special meal on the way home.

Leni said: “Our experience at Slapton definitely reminded us of the privileges that come with our urban lifestyle  – especially the fast food we enjoyed on the return!”

Head of Geography Mr David Cunningham said: “The U5 were on top form impressing both the centre staff with Geography knowledge and the locals with a polite and caring approach. The community shop volunteers called Headington U5 the most delightful of all the groups they receive in the village.

“Overall, it was a very successful trip.”