Sharing a passion for Science

A Headington Physics teacher has been working closely with an Oxfordshire school to share her passion for Science.

This term, Mrs Anneka Streule has been running an afterschool science club at Dr South’s School, Islip, for pupils in key stage 1 and 2.

This is a popular and busy after school club and each week the children explore, design and create different projects and learn about the science behind the projects.

So far this term the children have: explored acids and alkalis found in the home, creating images using red cabbage indicator paper, made casein plastic (from milk) and learnt about polymers in plastics, designed and built electric sparklers for fireworks night and learnt about how to building electric circuits with LEDs as well of lots of other exciting projects.

Budding young scientists are currently in the process of prototyping and designing wooden Christmas decorations to be cut on the 2D laser cutter and then built and finished later in the term.

Mrs Streule said: “It’s been a really fun and creative experience for everyone involved.”