Science Week Celebration

To celebrate Science Week, Parent Science Ambassadors were invited in to Headington Prep School to discuss their field of science to the Key Stage 2 pupils during lunchtime. Year 5 learned about the exciting world of a veterinary surgeon from Dr Strange.  She showed them a video tour of her workplace, which explained how Science is used everyday to care for the animals and then took questions about her day-to-day role. The girls learnt about the number of roles and careers available to them if they were wishing to care for animals when they are older.

Wednesday 22nd March saw a discussion with Years 3 and 4. Mr Quinnell is an Oceanographer who works for a company which provides a variety of “geo-data services” – measuring the ocean, the air, the rocks, mapping the seabed and then monitoring the structures on land and in the sea. He spoke about how he became captivated with oceanography and the importance of the measurements taken by his colleagues.

Finally Year 6 were treated to a discussion on Friday 24th March with Professor Underdown who is a Professor of Biological Anthropology. He is part of the Human Origins and Palaeo-Environments Research Group. He fascinated the pupils with the fossilised skulls he brought in and showed them photos from his global dig sites. The pupils asked many intelligent questions and gained a valued insight into the scientific work linked to their topic on Evolution.