Science CREST Awards

We would like to congratulate Cherene in achieving a Silver CREST Award. Her project “The Effects of Age on Herd Immunity” was completed as a solo project requiring extensive surveying techniques and collaboration with a wide community beyond school. From the outset Cherene took confident control of the project and showed a clear and mature vision of her goals.

CREST Assessor’s feedback

“An interesting and well written project. I was impressed by the way you structured your report. You show that you have planned your time well, put a lot of effort into collecting survey responses and included helpful graphs to visualise your results. You also identify some key areas for improvement, which is great.”

CREST is a nationwide initiative run by BSA (British Science Association) and recognises original, independent, scientific research, with a specific focus on experimental outcome. It provides opportunities for students interested in STEM subjects to work towards Bronze, Silver and Gold levels based on knowledge, understanding and experimental prowess. We extend our thanks, as always, to HSO’s Science Faculty technicians who offer invaluable support to the CREST scheme.