Science Ambassadors showcase a little magic

To inspire and spark the imaginations of the U3, our L6 Science Ambassadors put on a dazzling theatre performance of scientific expositions.

The young audience marvelled at some implausible imagery, logic-defying demos and captivating Chemistry.

Hyper-magnified photographs of everyday objects kept rows of pupils guessing as to the identity of the images. Anatomical details within the human body were brought to life with a real time, 3D journey through a helpful U3 volunteer, all managed without a scalpel insight! With the lights dimmed the Ambassadors managed to create and broadcast a live chemiluminescent reaction for all to see. For the most energetic in the audience, reaction times were tested with the challenge of trying to outwit a gravity defying rat that refused to emerge from its drainpipe.

The enthusiasm from U3 was palpable throughout and an impressive number did a brilliant job answering complex questions posed by the Ambassadors during each demonstration.

Special thanks go to our superb science technician team for their support and advice during rehearsals.