Robotics ‘kickstart’ competition

Two girls from Headington’s Student Robotics team (consisting of 12 students in total) went to a special Kickstart event at Southampton University on Saturday 2nd November.


The girls competed in some mini-games to familiarize themselves with the kit for the 2019/2020 Student Robotics competition and brought the new equipment back with them for the team.


The girls were also introduced to the rules for the new game which this year is called ‘Two Colours’ and challenges teams to score points by retrieving coloured tokens from on and around a raised platform in the centre of the arena. They must then place these tokens within their scoring zone which is located in their corner of the arena. However, if a team gathers more than one token colour within their scoring zone, each token’s value drops from three points to one point. All this has to be done by building and programming fully-autonomous robots!


The Headington team is now trying to come up with innovative solutions.


Head of Computer Science Mr Matt Howe said: “It’s going to be interesting to see how their ideas develop over the next few months.”