Quiz Social with Abingdon

On 24th January, a group of approximately 40 Abingdon pupils came to Headington School for a quiz and social gathering with the U4.

The Abingdon students arrived early, and as the evening progressed, so did the friendships.

The evening begun with everyone getting to know each other over a delightful meal of roast stuffed peppers, vegetable tortilla bake and lemon and pepper breaded haddock. Once the dining experience was complete, the quiz got started and teams competed in categories such as guess the emoji, Mr Men, dingbats, countries and a variety of general knowledge!

Once the quiz was over, the winning team was announced and everyone was thanked for coming.

We would advise everyone to go to a social when the opportunity pops up, because it was a very fun and entertaining evening, with much to enjoy!

Written by Georgia and Perla, U4