Pyjama party for Reception

Girls in Reception were excited to come together for a fun-filled pyjama party, meet some teddies special to their friends and learn more about bedtimes in different homes.
From the moment the girls arrived in the morning, they were super excited for the pyjama party later that day. The party started with Miss Ruth Sibly reading a story before everyone then introduced their teddies to each other, while wearing their favourite pyjamas!
Mrs Julie Sale lead a wonderful Yoga and Mindfulness session where everyone practised their stretching, breathing and relaxation. 
They all enjoyed eating their tea, which included sandwiches that they had made by themselves earlier that afternoon, and chatting with their friends, learning about their bedtime routines.
Afterwards the children enjoyed a story with Miss Emily Young and a wander around the school grounds to see what happens there after they go home. They enjoyed meeting the staff who were still at school and going outside to see the night sky.