Prep School athletes celebrate victory

Headington Prep’s athletes are celebrating after picking up a gold medal in one of the flagship events at the National Prep School Athletics Finals.

In the process the team picked up a host of personal bests – and two new school records.

The Alexander Stadium in Birmingham was alive with energy and anticipation as it played host to the event on Wednesday 3rd July. The atmosphere crackled with excitement on what turned out to be an absolutely incredible day of athletic prowess and school spirit.

The day began with the 1,500m final, featuring the talented Emma for Headington Prep. Her determination and grit were evident as she powered through the laps, ultimately achieving a personal best of 5m 41secs. This fantastic performance secured her a brilliant 12th place finish, showcasing her resilience, determination and strength.

The spotlight then shifted to the highly anticipated 4x100m relay semi-final. The team, comprising Bella, Esme, Liv and Evie, displayed impeccable coordination and speed. Their effort paid off as they clinched the second fastest overall time, setting with an impressive new school record of 58.13secs. The anticipation for the final was palpable and the crowd’s support was unwavering.

As the final unfolded, the quartet demonstrated extraordinary teamwork and precision. With flawless baton changeovers (thanks go to Ms Katie Merrick for the meticulous training) the team surged ahead, leaving their competitors trailing. The stadium erupted in applause as Evie crossed the finish line, clinching the gold medal with an awe-inspiring performance.

The afternoon continued to deliver remarkable achievements. Evie, already riding high from her relay success, took to the field for the javelin throw. She threw a phenomenal 25.66m, setting yet another school record and winning the gold medal.

Head of Prep Sport Mr Jamie Vigano said: “Congratulations to all the athletes for their exceptional performances the National Prep Schools Athletics Finals at Alexander Stadium will be remembered as a day of triumph, camaraderie, and extraordinary athletic feats.”