Prep make Mini Books

During Book Week and the week afterwards, Prep School girls from Year 1 to Year 6 were busy creating mini books covering a wide range of stories and non-fiction books, including recipe books and tips on computer gaming.

Mrs Lorraine Angel, English Subject Leader coordinated the mini book project and said: “I am so proud of the creativity shown by Headington pupils in producing mini books. Although the initial teaching took place during on-line lessons, many pupils worked during their spare time to produce intricate books with marbled paper, engaging cover designs and illustrations for a wealth of subjects that interested them including recipe books, tips for computer gaming and stories with a moral message.”

One book, written by Likitha, Year 6 had an inspiring moral about kindness and another, written by YingYing, Year 6 was about Mr Prickles going to school and feeling positive when he was there. Both were praised by Mrs Crouch in assembly for their positive messaging.

The inspiration behind the mini book idea came from the archives of the British Library. Having learnt that the first book Charlotte Bronte created was for her sister Anne, complete with exquisite hand writing and watercolours, they started off on their own mini book creations. Hopefully they will be continue to write and read their stories to their family, pets and toys, as has been a tradition for many years.

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