Prep Choir wins Oxford Music Festival

Headington Prep School choir are singing for joy after success in the Oxford Music Festival.

The school entered the U11 choir to the choral competition of the festival on 28th January.

Two schools entered choirs, Headington Prep and The Manor, and were required to sing two songs each. Headington sung ‘Shadow Maker’ by Cecilia McDowall and ‘Sing Sing’ by Sally Albrecht.

After two strong performances, the Prep School Choir were crowned the winners, for the first time since 1982!

Mrs Amy Evetts, Head of Music and Drama at Headington Prep School, said: “With only three weeks to rehearse for the competition, the girls worked very hard to learn two songs off by heart. During the performance they were totally focused and remembered everything we had practiced. I am delighted we won the under 11s choir class and to top it all, we have won the Edmund Rubbra Choir Cup which was presented to us in the Winners Concert during half term.”

Watch the performances here:

Shadow Maker

Sing Sing