Prayer space at Prep

A ‘prayer space’ popped up in the theatre at the Prep last week. Each girl from every form had the opportunity to spend 30 mins in four prayer tents.  The notion of prayer was introduced – a conversation with God – and the idea that prayer always involved ‘closing your eyes and putting your hands together’ was challenged!  Instead, each pupil was invited to consider prayers that focused on sorry, please, thank you and others.  The ‘others’ prayer activity involved writing or drawing prayers for those who are homeless in our world.  There were beautiful drawings of homes, wishing everyone had a safe, warm place to sleep, as well as deeply thoughtful prayers longing to see an end to poverty and be changed ourselves, to think of those less fortunate more often.

Thanks goes to bespace – a charity that supports prayer and reflective spaces in schools in Oxfordshire.

Further thanks go to the small sixth form pupil team who supported this venture.  It was a particular joy to see our oldest pupils giving up their time to help those much younger experience and explore the importance of prayer.

Rev Tom Howell

Prayer Space at Prep-6