Practical Science thrives in challenging times

Since the start of the new school year, Headington scientists have not only re-engaged with practical science lessons but are enjoying numerous extra-curricular activities to challenge and extend their appreciation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths).

Learners from U3 to U5 have participated in weekly clubs including CREST Awards, Eureka, Electronics, Astronomy and Micro-Chemistry. Via investigative and creative approaches, students have studied the constellations, raced hovercrafts, soldered electronic control circuits and even challenged Heston Blumenthal with a U5 molecular gastronomy ‘fried egg’ made from yoghurt and mango!

Mr Jason Morris, Headington’s Head of Science said: “Next term should be just as exciting, kicking off with Tomorrow’s Engineer Week The Big Quiz. Our new L6 Science Ambassadors will be sharing more details for this soon. For those who enjoy the cinema experience we are running a series of online lectures from the Cambridge Physics Centre shown on large screen simultaneously for different HSO ‘bubbles’.”