Photographers call for equipment

Do you have any unused photography equipment you no longer use?

Our Lower School Photography Club is seeking old cameras, film and darkroom equipment which may be gathering dust in attics and lofts to help broaden the range of models the girls can learn to use.

In a session this week, girls experimented with an old 1931 Kodak box brownie. Club members currently process black and white film and will also be processing colour film in future.

Miss Anna-Marie Bush, who leads the club, said: “Absolutely anything would be of use – I did this at my last school and was amazed by the donations we received. I know lots of people have old cameras they no longer use and it’s heart-breaking to hear that many of these have just been thrown away.

“The girls love seeing the result of film and it would be fantastic for them to be able to make use of some of the wonderful equipment which I know is out there.”

If you have any equipment you would like to donate, email Miss Bush.