PhD Chemistry Discussion

Chemist Georgina Whichello came to give an exciting talk about the use of hydrogen isotopes to investigate the carbon cycle in aquatic algae.

Georgina is in her second year of a PhD at Oxford University and first came into contact with Headington School when she reached out to the School to see if the Chemistry Department had any sulphuric acid they could give her. Supply chain issues were stopping her from doing her research experiments. The department was happy to help her and, upon creating a new relationship, Georgina visited the School to explain her research to the girls.

She spoke to a packed lab full of a variety of different science students. She explained that she had started her university career thinking that she would pursue particle physics but ended up looking at how algae could be used to capture carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Head of Chemistry Mrs Elizabeth Rossington said: “The girls thought it was great to see how Chemistry can be used in an up-to-date field and to be reminded that scientific research often takes you in directions that you hadn’t planned!”