OxClean 2024

On Friday 10th May 10th, industrious U4 pupils took to the streets in eight groups, armed not with textbooks, but with bags and litter pickers, to make a difference in their local community.


Led by the Charities and Communities Coordinator, Mr David Cunningham, the girls embarked on their annual litter-picking mission to combat litter and promote environmental stewardship.


Reflecting on her experience, U4 pupil Catherine said: “It was fun and really rewarding to help others.”


Mr Cunningham, remarked: “The enthusiasm and energy shown was impressive, and the volume of litter collected in just a few hours was super.


“It is great that we have such a long-standing commitment to environmental activism, having partnered with OxClean and Oxford Direct Services for over a decade now.


“With an estimated 30 million tonnes of litter dropped in the UK each year, initiatives like this are vital in maintaining the cleanliness of our environment and preserving our natural habitats.

“Through their efforts, they not only beautify their surroundings but also inspire others to take proactive steps towards creating a cleaner, greener future for all.”