Owl Pellets at Dissection Club

Dissection Club could be described as a scavenger hunt. This certainly was the case on Wednesday 17th November when Headington’s budding scientists searched and investigated through a pile of owl pellets. The girls discovered plenty of bones including mole skulls and near entire mice!

In this session the girls had the chance to explore areas beyond the specification and discover a love of learning beyond exams and past the traditional organ dissection.

Upcoming club meetings will explore new areas and new organisms which aim to broaden the girls’ exploration and investigations. They will also have the opportunity to use their knowledge from dissection club in MedSoc on Thursdays and can apply them to real life patients.

Mrs Victoria Vaccaro, Biology teacher and head of Dissection Club said: “It was an exercise where the students had to use a variety of skills to both extract objects and analyse their findings into what they might think the owl had eaten.

“I was very proud to see girls ‘getting their hands dirty’ and rising to the challenge.