Our new Head Girl trio and prefects 2023

After a competitive process involving letters of application, hustings and interviews, Headington’s new Head Girl trio and prefect body have been chosen.

More than 20 members of the L6 were vying for a prefect position but after impressing staff and fellow students, Trinity St John Cox, Zara Jones and Alexandra Cutmore have been selected as Head Girl, Head of Day and Head of Boarding respectively.

They took over the baton from outgoing trio Sophia Brehm, Tinu Baker and Anna McVeigh at a special handover ceremony to the whole school on Tuesday 21st March.

As well as the trio, the 2022-2023 prefects also handed over their role to those taking over from them.

This year there will be 16 prefects in all, with Trin, Zara and Alexandra joined by Emma-Annalise as Chapel Prefect, Jessica R as Wellbeing Prefect, Khalidah as Diversity and Inclusion Prefect, Ellie as Charities Prefect, Kyla as Social Prefect and Ulyana leading U3, Sunniva L4, Chapelle U4, Sofija L5, Jessica T U5, Sally L6 and Emma U6. Each was given a notebook full of tips, advice and memories from previous postholders.

Trin joined Headington in the Prep School from an Oxford primary and is studying Biology, Physics, Geography, AS Level Maths and an EPQ.

She said she felt in awe of the outgoing trio. She said: “When you join in U3, you see these three incredible women who just seem so well put together, so kind, so compassionate and embody the six Cs as amazing people. To think that you’re considered good enough for that as well is a really good feeling.

“I want to be someone that everyone knows, everyone feels comfortable to go to and someone who everyone looks up to. I don’t necessarily think I always will as everyone is continually improving and I want to show people that perhaps nobody is perfect as well!”

Zara, who joined the Prep School in Year 4 having previously been to school in London and is now studying English, History and Spanish with an EPQ, said she had seen 10 Head Girl trios since joining and was ‘honoured’ to join their ranks.

She said: “It means everything to me. I’ve always looked up to the Head Girls and so to be able to be in their shoes is just amazing and really overwhelming really. It will be amazing to be able to give back to the community and it’s such a lovely feeling.”

Alexandra, who is a half-weekly boarder and joined Headington in U3 from a small school in Buckinghamshire, is an academic scholar and is taking English, Economics, French and Religious Studies.

She said: “It’s really meaningful. We all feel a bit daunted with such big shoes to fill as the last trio were absolutely incredible and we’ve had so many people to look up to in this position. We all have something individual to bring it’s just going to be really interesting.

“If we can inspire just a proportion of the things previous trios have inspired in us then I’d be happy.

Prefects act as important representatives of and role models for the School at events such as open mornings and assessment days, with each also having specific responsibilities according to the position. The selection process is designed to mirror what girls might face in later life when applying for jobs, with candidates providing both a letter and video application, submitting their Headington portfolio, arguing their case in hustings and having interviews.

Prefect Handover 2023