Onatti German Play at Headington

Girls followed along as regular visitors Onatti Theatre Company put on a play in German.

The performance was to U3-U4 girls taking German and was of the play ‘Im alten Saloon’.

It featured two Onatti actors ably assisted by L4 pupil Charlotte, who did a fantastic job as an extra throughout the play.

Elin, L4, said: “I really enjoyed watching the German play because it was entertaining and I could really understand what was happening despite it being in another language.

Izzy, L4, said: “I really liked the play because of how easy it was to understand what was happening even though it was all in German. I thought it was very impressive that they could make an entire play with just two people. It was very funny and enjoyable.”

The theatre company also puts on plays in the language for Headington’s French and Spanish pupils.