Onatti French Play

After the Onatti Spanish and the German plays, it was time to welcome the French play, “le cours d’art”.

It was an excellent way of boosting up pupils’ listening skills for 50 minutes.

U3 – U4 Headington pupils were joined by Year 9 pupils studying French from Year 9 to enjoy the play, on Friday 22nd March.

Special mention goes to French beginner Rawpalene in L4 who joined the cast on stage and demonstrated excellent acting skills. Chloe, L4, said: “I thought that the French play was really funny, the actors used body language and facial expressions to tell the story. Overall, I thought it was a really fun experience and I look forward to next year’s play!”

Emily, L4, said: “It was so fun to watch. At first, it was a bit confusing to understand what was happening and then I understood after. It was really creative and funny. I love how they interacted with the crowd and would definitely watch it again.”

Milla, U4, said: “I found the French play very fun and interactive as the two native French actors asked the audience to take part. The set was simple but very efficient. In my opinion, it was cleverly designed as there were only two actors and they managed to play five characters. In particular the plot was easy to follow for the pupils and the vocabulary was not too difficult. In a nutshell it was a successful French play and we enjoyed our Friday afternoon watching it.”