On stage for French play

It was a pleasure to welcome the Onatti Theatre Company to perform the play ‘Les Garçons’, fully delivered in French, which is an excellent exercise for the girls’ listening skills.

The L4 / U4 girls enjoyed the event, on Wednesday 20th November, and had a good laugh as the play was very visual.

There was even time for a series of Q & As at the end.

Three U4 girls, Bea, Mia and Katie were called on stage and took part, which the audience enjoyed very much.

Katie said: “It was really good how they invited us up on stage and helped us out. It was really interactive which made it more interesting for us.”

Mia said: “I really enjoyed the plot of the play and the humour. It also provided me with a great opportunity to test my French listening skills. J’ai aimé les acteurs car ils étaient très amusants.”


Merci Onatti, à l’année prochaine!