Nursery’s teddy transport adventure

Nursery children went on an adventure to see how many kinds of transport they could spot in the ‘Big Wide World’. They walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus into Oxford. It was quite busy but some of the other passengers kindly moved so that they could all squeeze on together.

At the train station they watched the train arrive into Platform 2 and chatted to the train driver who was heading for a quick break! They were even able to see into the driver’s cabin. They enjoyed an empty carriage to themselves and shared flapjacks with their teddies, who had also come along for the ride!

At Oxford Parkway they crossed the bridge and watched a freight train going through, as well as a model express train, before getting the Park and Ride bus back to Headington, just in time for their picnic lunch!

They were delighted to spot a wide range of transport on their travels such as cars, lorries, vans, lots of bicycles and some even spotted a boat on the river and they all saw a number of ambulances from the top of the second bus back to school, which went via the John Radcliffe Hospital.