Nursery visit to Bury Knowle Park

As part of Nursery’s new topic ‘Move It!’, the girls had an exciting off-site Forest School session at Bury Knowle Park.

The girls arrived by minibus and walked back, holding an adult’s hand or in a pair with a friend in front of an adult.

On arrival to the park, the girls saw some adults exercising in a group and copied some of their stretches before entering the playground.

Before leaving school, the girls were reminded about the park being a public space and that they would have to share with other users and wait for turns.

The girls did a fantastic job taking turns with other children and being polite when unfamiliar adults spoke to them. They jumped, ran, dug, swung and slid!

They were tired after the walk back but very sensible, particularly crossing the roads.

Great jobs girls!

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