Montpellier Trip

Twenty-two pupils journeyed to Montpellier and Nîmes to immerse themselves in culture, history, French lessons and activities over five days of the autumn half term.

Read the full written account from Adriane (L5)

The Montpellier trip was an exhilarating experience where I got to fully immerse myself into French culture. In pairs, we stayed with a host family during the trip. My host was a caring woman called Christine, who showed us around the beautiful city and provided us with lovely accommodation and meals.

The fact that she only spoke French, enabled me to sharpen my French skills and get used to using the language on a daily basis. In the morning we would have French classes, where we got to revisit some topics we previously learnt at school and also learn new useful vocabulary.

Throughout the trip we got to go on insightful excursions which included: a guided tour of the city to learn about its culture/history and a trip to Nîmes that included a guided tour of culturally-relevant places and buildings. We also got the opportunity to visit shopping centres to purchase souvenirs and items of our choice.

I would say the highlight of the trip for me was the guided tour of the city, we got to visit the School of Medicine which dates back 800 years and the Montpellier Cathedral. Afterwards we had a walking tour of the famous streets, buildings and squares of Montpellier.

Overall, this experience was amazing because whilst it was a fun time it was also highly educational. It is a city that I would definitely visit again!