Model UN team represent Uruguay

On Saturday 29th February to Sunday 1st March, the Model United Nations team at Headington went to a Model United Nations conference in Magdalen College School.

The team represented the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and collaborated with other delegates to pass resolutions in order to solve global issues.

Zainah’s experience in HRC 1:

My committee was Human Right 1 and overall the atmosphere was very lively and everyone was very passionate about each topic. The most interesting debate was about LGBTQ+ rights where, I was challenged by countries that oppose LGBTQ+ rights. During this debate delegates really had to put themselves in their countries’ shoes as many of the countries involved in my committee had to dispute LGBTQ+ rights even if in real life they supported the rights.

Hayley’s experience in Politics 2:

My committee was extremely welcoming with a friendly yet competitive atmosphere as we instantly entered into a fierce debate about the issues such as instability in Central America. This was a particularly intense debate due to Uruguay’s close geographical proximity to the issue and fact that it was my resolution that was being debated. The experience was eye-opening and it was a great opportunity to not only debate but also meet and talk to other like-minded individuals.

Overall, the conference was a success with this being the first conference for many of us and we hope to be able to participate in more conferences in the future.