Mini trip to the factory

Headington’s U6 Business students were wowed by a tour of the (rather large) Mini Factory in Cowley, Oxford on 1st February.

Students saw key aspects of production such as flow production, technical economies of scale and team-working, as well as aspects of quality and how this tied into market share and exporting. As part of their tour, they saw 1,200 robots and over 22km of production line, an incredibly efficient and productive flow production process.

The students were curious and confident, asking about the impact of Covid on production and the recovery of production since. They also brought in their economic and political knowledge by examining the impact of Brexit and the future impacts on the production facility.

The theme of the final Business exam this year is on the UK car industry and so the students are well placed to tackle this paper with confidence.

Mr Cy Webber, Head of Economics and Business Studies at Headington School, said: “The tour was fantastic and it was brilliant to see the girls asking such inquisitive and insightful questions.”