Medics hear from practising neurosurgeon

On Friday 3rd October 2019 we had the privilege of having Dr Jay Jayamohan come to speak with us as a collective of prospective medical students in the brand new Sixth Form centre Cafe area.

The insight he provided as a practising doctor was something that is rarely given to young people in commercial lectures such as developing medical technology or the application process of UCAS.

Dr Jayamohan gave it to us clean cut, highlighting not just the highs but also the lows. He was realistic about the struggles he had been through and the difficulties that had come his way but he put emphasis on how despite all this, he never felt regret about his choice of career.

He explained how the lives you touch and become a part of the drive of what you do. They become the reason you wake up every day; you must keep going because you are a small part of something much bigger than yourself. For many, it was a wake-up call to reconsider university choices they may make in the future and for others, it was a confirmation that this is the career for them.

We took away from the talk that Medicine doesn’t just come with long hours of hard work and satisfaction, in the field, as a result of it, it also comes with deep trauma and requires emotional resilience which was something Dr Jayamohan kept repeating.

Although this insight was overwhelming and emotional, he consoled the audience by ensuring us that there is a place for everyone in the field of Medicine, aside from the specialisation of surgery.

The talk overall was a brilliant way to explore this field further and to see through the stigma around Medicine and it made us just think about the work that the doctors around us do and what they provide to our society. 

Report by Zarmeen, U6