Maths treasure hunt

Last week U3 spent one of their Maths lessons outdoors!

In lessons they have been looking at data handling and in particular, working out which average is best to use.

Mrs Helen Dancer set up a Treasure Hunt for them, where they worked in teams formed with pupils in other Maths classes and had to solve the problems on this topic.

The three teams who solved all the problems quickest won a small prize.

There was a real buzz amongst the pupils, who became experts at finding the next question, even when they were in some unusual places.

Mrs Jen McKenna’s class said: “I liked working in a team.”

“It was different from what we usually do everyday in Maths.”

“I was really motivated, because I wanted my team to win!”

“I loved being outside.”

“I really liked working with people from other classes.”

We look forward to another Treasure Hunt later in the year.