Maths Feast

L5 girls spent two lessons during their first week back at school taking part in a Maths ‘Feast’ in the Lea Library.

The ‘feast’ comprised of a variety of things that the girls don’t learn within the curriculum, some of which proved extremely challenging. They also had the chance to both work independently and as part of a team.

One of those taking part said: “I really enjoyed the Maths Feast! It was fun to solve problems and work as a group after being away for so long.”

“I thought that the Maths Feast was a brilliant way to enjoy and do Maths that we would not normally do. It was also really fun to work as a team and to think creatively about solutions to challenging problems. “

“I thought it was very fun. The questions are really interesting and quite different from what we are learning now, which I liked a lot.”