Making Mantecados

Girls have been trying their hand at some Spanish cooking techniques as a fun way to combine languages and Food and Nutrition. Read their thoughts on the special session.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed baking Spanish cookies during our Spanish lesson with Mr Pompeo and Mrs B-B. I thought it was amazing how all of our work on food in our Spanish lessons paid off so that we could do something creative and make an actual Spanish cookie! Plus these genuinely tasted very good and I normally don’t like cookies! I thought it was great how we were able to put this on and structure our Spanish lessons to our needs. Overall I thought that making these was great fun and would love to see more lessons like this in the future,” said Alice.

“I thought that cooking in a Spanish lesson was so cool! It was really amazing to see how all our lessons on food worked out to be creating a Spanish food and on the plus side it tasted amazing! Cooking in Spanish was really fun and Mr Pompeo and Mrs B-B were extremely helpful in making the cookies! I had a great time and it was super fun!” said Darcy.

“Yasmine and I had jolly good fun on Thursday afternoon, spent baking Spanish delights with Mr Pompeo and Mrs B-B! We thoroughly enjoyed the hour filled with giggles and laughter with the Christmas spirit. We experienced Spanish culture by creating the beauty that is traditional Spanish biscuits. We would love to thank Mrs BB for making this memorable day possible and Mr Pompeo for organising this” said Adina.

“Thank you to Mr Pompeo for organising this, and Mrs B-B for overseeing the lesson to make sure there were no casualties!” said Daisy.