Magnificent Miles

Prep girls have smashed a goal of running or walking as many miles as possible over a week.

The Magnificent Miles Challenge was a house contest and Prep School community challenge open to all children from Nursery to Year 6 along with staff.

Those taking part were asked to walk or run as many miles as they could in a week. The children in Nursery and Reception developed their own way of achieving the miles by skipping, hopping, hopscotching and jumping around the Prep School grounds in order to complete their miles, while children at home went on family walks or jogs.

The house captains launched the competition and asked if the community could walk 500 miles in a week. In week 1, the community excelled themselves, surpassed the target and everyone had achieved a collective 931 miles, nearly twice the set amount.

In week 2, the challenge was to walk/run more than 1,000 miles, and again the community exceeded their goal, managing an impressive 1,321 miles. Those taking part averaged 8 miles per person. In all, 150 people have joined the challenge.

In terms of the house competition, Redwood were victorious with 469 miles, with Oak coming close behind with 432 miles, Beech with 369 miles and Chestnut with 233 miles.

PE teacher Miss Katie Merrick said: “This really was a fantastic way to get the community working towards a common goal during a time when we are all missing our friends and that feeling of accomplishing something as a team. Well done to everyone who got involved!”

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