Magical Chemistry

Chemistry got magical at Headington, channelling Hogwarts for a special practical session.

On Thursday 8th October, the U3 Eureka! Science club completed a practical based on the wizarding world’s Charms class.

The theme of this term’s club is to look at wizardry in the real-world using Science. During the ‘charms’ sessions, the girls looked at changing the colour of plants using the ideas of transpiration through the xylem in the stem.

The girls have already looked at invisibility, where they made materials disappear by suspending them in liquid of a similar refractive index, which made them think about how similar materials refract light in similar ways. They’ve also looked at levitation, building a levitating hoverboard causing them to think hard about equal and opposite forces.

Miss Anna Craik, Biology teacher at Headington said: “So far the girls have been wowed by the club and the results of their own amazing experiments!”