Lessons of a Holocaust Exhibition

In the approach to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a group of Psychology students attended an event at the Oxford Town Hall, ‘The Holocaust, a warning from History’.

The event included a thought-provoking exhibition and talks by Emeritus Professor Jane Caplan, Oxford University historian, and from Oxford Unite against Facism’s Giles Ungpakorn, followed by discussion.

In A Level and IB Psychology the girls study pioneers in Social Psychology including Stanley Milgram, Solomon Asch, Henri Tajfel and Serge Moscovici, all of whom lost family members in the Holocaust. Their work was largely driven by the need to find answers as to how this could have happened and the event provided an opportunity for Headington students to gain insight into the motivation behind this research.

Head of Psychology Mrs Karin Pigott said: “In our Year of Community, it was lovely to be able to participate in an event in our local Town Hall and make links between the theory we study in the classroom and some of the issues that continue to affect our communities, such as racism and antisemitism.”