La Bohème

On Wednesday 30th November, a group of Headington school keen musicians: U4, GCSE and A Level students gathered in front of the New Theatre Oxford, ready to watch the Welsh National Opera’s production of ‘La Bohème’.

For many of us, this was our first experience listening to operatic music in a theatre. The mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness of not being able to appreciate the opera was quickly wiped away by the wonders of the performance, the brilliant music, fantastic singing and acting.

After the show, all of us couldn’t stop chatting and re-living the moments in the performance, especially Act 3 – the most popular act and the climax of the opera –  where the relationship between two main characters was fraught with misunderstandings and tragedy; yet is beautiful.

All of us were drowned in their story by heart-wrenching singing.

After the performance, we were excited and filled with emotions. The only question is when will the next trip be!

Report by Libby (L5)