L6 and U5 Physicists reveal their calibre

Gifted Physicists were put through their paces for a challenging pre-university level competition.

L6 and U5 physics students took part in the Senior Physics Challenge and the Intermediate Physics Challenge (IPC), the UK’s most prestigious pre-university competitions, run by the British Physics Olympiad.

These events aim to encourage the study of Physics and recognise excellence in young physicists through annual Physics competitions. They are designed to stretch and challenge the top young physicists in the country through real-world, open-ended and unstructured problems requiring tenacity and rigour. This year, in the Senior Physics Challenge (L6) there were more than 5,300 entries from the very best students in over 380 schools.

Two girls, Hannah and Sarah, achieved Gold awards, with five, Hay Lam, Nga Lam, Kate, Phoebe and Sum Ying achieving silver, Katerina and Michaela achieving Bronze and a commendation going to Hazel.

Hannah and Sarah’s performances puts them in the top 15% of all entrants to the competition.

In the IPC (U5) event there were more than 4,000 entries from the very best students in over 200 school. Silver certificates were awarded to Alina, Angelia, Darcy, Nell, Isabella, Sophia, Cherene, Yagu, Ruoxi, Heen Wing, Ayako, Emilia, Charlotte, Lydia and Alex, with Grey, Ellie-Rose, Lillie and Yagu picking up Bronze certificates.

Mr Jason Morris, Headington’s Head of Science said: “Well done to all the girls who entered! We would also like to extend special thanks to the BPhO organisers who have worked tirelessly to ensure these competitions continue through challenging times.”

Gold award winners below.