L5 Trip to the Pitt Rivers and Natural History Museums.

An immersive world of culture and nature beckoned for L5 pupils at a special trip to some of Oxford’s museums.

Headington’s Art Department were excited to offer an intensive day in which girls immersed themselves in culture and nature at the Pitt Rivers and Oxford University Museum of Natural History on Monday 4th October. The visit was then followed up by time digging deeper into their findings through explorative drawing in Oxford’s University Parks and Headington School’s the Hive.

The trip was linked directly to their GCSE work, which requires pupils to record ideas, observations and insights, through drawings, photography, sketched plans and annotations. Each young artist produced a body of research, photography and drawings from which they will develop their coursework projects. Work produced will be included in their GCSE submission.

Mrs Louise Pike, Art and Textiles teacher, said: “The girls spent the afternoon exploring the wonders that the museums had to offer, including the butterfly collection, dinosaur bones, natural mineral forms, farm animals encased in formaldehyde, the famous shrunken heads and much more!

“It was wonderful to be able to take the girls on a trip and for them to be able to expand their learning in an external environment.”