L5 at the AMSP Maths Feast

On Monday 20th March, Andrea, Hazel, Judy and Anisa headed to Wheatley Park School for a ‘feast’ of Maths.

Over three hours, they competed against 20 other schools to solve challenging mathematical problems for the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme’s Maths Feast.

Thanks to their confidence, creativity and superb collaborative skills, the girls performed brilliantly and won half of the rounds! A superb performance from Headington’s finest L5 mathematicians.

Mr David Isanski, Mathematics teacher at Headington School, said: “When we arrived, we found that another school had displaced us to table number 13. Unfazed, the girls took their seats, safe in the knowledge it would take more than superstition to slow them down! They were an excellent team and a mathematical force to be reckoned with.”