L4 Tennis Enrichment Day

In true British summer style, the weather was cloudy with light rain when L4 had their Tennis enrichment afternoon on 8th June.

Around 100 girls took part in the day. Spread out over the Headington School grounds and armed with tennis rackets, L4 girls took part in a variety of different Tennis activities.

Half of the Astroturf was taken up by Miss Horlock’s ‘skills zone’, where girls practiced racket and ball exercises mixed in with running and relay games. Miss Charania ran singles and doubles on the other half of the Astroturf where girls had the opportunity to show off their competitive prowess.

Whilst these activities were taking place, the hard courts were being used by both our Sports Scholar Juliette, who had small groups taking on the mighty ‘lobster’ ball machine, and Head Coach Mr Jim Baker, who was coaching and working with the girls on the main courts.

Finally, Davenport Gardens were being used by Coach Charlotte for a ‘fit for Tennis’ area. All girls visited each work station, playing and learning Tennis throughout the afternoon.

Mr Baker said: “It was terrific to see so many people on court having fun. Tennis really is a sport for life!”

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